TOP OF THE TOWN – We are not used to this. The Washington Huskies are struggling on the football field and the Seattle Seahawks are sitting 2-5 after seven so-so football games. Both programs are having problems at quarterback. Washington’s is because of a downgrade in talent. Dylan Morris is a blue-collar guy who is as gutty as possible, but is an inconsistent thrower with eight interceptions in seven games. He follows Jacob Eason, a highly ranked recruit who lost his starting job at Georgia and transferred to Washington (he played high school at Lake Stevens) to restart his career. That didn’t go well, either. Eason has a great arm, but lacks touch and mobility. He was picked up in the NFL draft by Indianapolis, but was released recently by the Colts and, surprise, surprise was plucked off the waiver wire by the Seahawks. Pete Carroll has always liked Eason, so many he will coach him up and save his career. Right now Eason sits either third or fourth behind Russell Wilson on the depth chart. Playing without Wilson, the Seahawks look lost with Geno Smith quarterbacking the team. The Hawks played well defensively, Monday night in a 13-10 loss at home to the New Orleans Saints and dropped to 2-5 on the season, which is only better than the clueless Detroit Lions in the league. Wilson may be back in two weeks when the Hawks play at Green Bay, but to think he can save the season is making  a bet with long odds. The league has gotten much tougher and there really isn’t any game that you can just chalk up as victory for the Hawks. Yeah, they play the 1-5 Jacksonville Jaguars this Sunday at home, but I don’t think that is a gimme. Not with Geno at the controls. Nothing against him, but he’s a backup QB for a reason. He holds on to the ball too long and is indecisive . He used to be known for his turnovers, and I think he tries too hard not to have them. He needs just to relax and let ‘er go. …  You know, I feel bad for defensive tackle Al Woods. The 6-3, 330-pound Woods had a tremendous game against the Saints … until he went off-sides on a fourth down play that awarded the Saints a first down late in the game that led to the winning field goal. I’m pretty sure he will have nightmares over that for the rest of his life. He shouldn’t, though, because he played great…. Speaking of greatness, I think I discovered the next great quarterback.  Caleb “Superman” Williams, a true freshman at Oklahoma, is amazing. A people’s person who talks to all his starting teammates on the sidelines, has researched his African history, is smarter than anybody should be, is a natural-born leader, and has replaced preseason Heisman favorite Mike Rattler at quarterback. And he makes all the good plays, with his arm and his feet. And with his head. Facing a fourth-and-one with three and half minutes left and just barely ahead of Kansas last Saturday, Oklahoma running back Kennedy Brooks got stuffed trying to make the first down. But wait. Here comes Superman. He grabs the ball from Brooks, turns and makes the first down, saving the Sooners. Who would have done that? Who would even have thought of doing that? I know the answer. Superman. He’s my candidate for the Heisman. Heck, he’s my candidate for Pulitzer.  Ok, that’s enough for today. Stay safe.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.