TOP OF THE TOWN – The guilty party in the Rittenhouse case is the mom that drove her gun-toting 17-year-old son to a protest. It makes no rational sense why a mother would do that. And it makes no sense why a teenager would take a loaded rifle to a protest that has turned violent. None. Why would anybody do that? As long as I live I will never understand this. You don’t light a match in a room full of dynamite at night and expect a peaceful evening. Rittenhouse’s mother is guilty and Rittenhouse is guilty. Always will be and no justice system that is rational will make it any different. We are living in questionable times. We have not seen what is going on in our world since the Civil War. Shots are being fired every day. People are dying and we shrug out shoulders and carry on as normal as possible … until the shooting happens to us. Then we seek justice in an unjust system that is tied in knots over what is a rising tide of white nationalism that is reaching out with a strong grip with guns poised and bullets flying. Our law-making machine in D.C is bitterly divided between a rising cadre of far-right extremists with weirdo conspiracy theories and center-left politicians that want to rescue the poor and middle class and rich lawmakers who fight to hold the fort for the wealthy few that have more power than they have a right to have. Meanwhile, shots continue to ring out, downing the innocent like deer caught in headlights, and we continue to play our games in football arenas built for the rich for the rich, basketball on floors designed to bring in maximum profit and diamonds constantly being upgraded so the wealthy can get richer as we watch the Mike Trouts of the baseball world swing a hot bat. Russia flies bombers off our coasts, China builds hypersonic weapons that can fly around the world at five times the speed of sound, Iran harasses our ships, and all major powers, the United States included, monkey with cyberspace making it near impossible to tell truth from friction. A former President builds a powerful force that is entirely built in a different reality that hammers away at our constitutional republic, knocking pieces of it into smithereens. Close friends become enemies, enemies become friends, and the world spins out of control until the only constant is the sound of shots being fired and innocents being downed like sitting rats being picked off of fence posts. The only respite we have is pulling the covers over our heads and mentally returning to our youth when life was simple and the only shots were the ones our dads downed while quietly reading a book before a warm fireplace. Enough for now. This weekend will be telling for our regional sports team. The Seahawks try to stop their losing and stay in the fading hunt for a playoff spot when it plays Arizona and the Washington Husky football team is in Colorado to stop its own collapse. Best of luck to them while I pull the covers over my head. See you. Stay safe.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.