TOP OF THE TOWN – I’ve seen thousands of football games over a long life and I can’t remember one where the wining team lost in every statistic category. But that’s what happened Saturday (Nov. 20) in Colorado as the Buffaloes got a big pre-Christmas gift that was unexpected and unintended and won over the Washington Huskies 20-17.The Buffaloes will take it, though. Thank you, Washington Huskies. Two fumbles, two pass interceptions and a couple penalties, all in crucial situations, were the gift wraps for the home team that was badly outplayed by the visiting Huskies.  I looked at it from a somewhat realistic angle and discovered that it is shocking, First, if Washington had not been so giving friendly, and that is saying a lot for a team and a season that has gone in disarray right from the start, from an unimpressive offensive  performance leading to the firing of its offensive coordinator to a head coach who talked big and did little to improve an expected good team, and finally was fired after he hit a player in the helmet and shoved him, to an interim head coach who may be good but found himself in an impossible situation where no matter what he did will be in the unemployment line soon. Oh yeah, there is also the fact that the team lost several quarterbacks to the transfer portal in the last year and half  that left the team with three, none of whom will remind anybody of Warren Moon. The starter is a ok guy with a lot of guts that should never have been put into this position At best, he was a clip board holder on the sidelines. A transfer portal QB was put into the Colorado game for two three-and-out series that looked good enough to be the guy asked to go fetch some water. The third QB was labeled can’t miss guy coming out of high school and still may be that guy. But his only value at this point is his father had a long career at Washington and in the NFL and his uncle had a solid career at Washington and not as long of one in the NFL, but has made millions talking on radio and TV about the game. Now to the point of this discussion: If the Washington Huskies had played a no-turnover and no key penalty game I figure instead of losing they would have won 45-13. As the game progress it was clear that a farce was being forced on viewers. It was like the Keystone Kops had donned Washington football uniforms and penetrated themselves in the lineup. Anything bad that could happen happened. Two fumbled snaps by the starter, who might have fumbled the clipboard if asked, that potentially cost touchdowns. Two interceptions that cost two more potential scores and that is 28 points added to the 17 they actually were credited with, minus one touchdown of 88 yards for Colorado that was the result of a fumbled snap and I have the final score of 45-13. With just four wins with one game left, the Apple Cup game with surging Washington State at 5 p.m. Nov. 16 (Friday) at Husky Stadium, the Huskies do not meet the six wins level needed to qualify for a bowl game. They will miss playing in a bowl game for the first time since 2009. Let’s just say, they fumbled a bowl game away. Ok, that is enough for today.

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