Donald Trump is head of a Mafia crime family


TOP OF THE TOWN‑ Do you know Donald Trump is Mafia? He’s been associated with the Mafia and has used Mafia tactics all his life. He is literally Mafia Don, the name used to identify the head boss of a particular crime family. e is As you would expect from Mafia Don, he is transactional. He doesn’t do anything unless he gets something in return. The first time the public recognized this was when Trump withheld weapons from Ukraine while asking for dirt on Biden. He recently asked for a billion dollars in campaign donations from oil and coal industry executives in return for removing restrictions on their businesses. In other words, Trump is for sale as long as he gets something in return. It is why Trump called soldiers suckers and losers; he asked what do they get out of it? He didn’t like John McCain because he was captured. He also didn’t like McCain because he cast the vote that saved Obamacare. Trump wanted it killed, cutting off millions from healthcare. Trump has filed suit with the Supreme Court to give him absolute immunity from prosecution for crimes. He wants compete freedom to kill his opponents. The corrupt court seems prone to give him that freedom. So, it goes for criminal Don.

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