TOP OF THE TOWN – You know Liz Cheney votes against many things I like as representative in the United States Congress from Wyoming.  American Rescue Plan, Voting Rights Bill, and The Dreamers are just three of about a dozen bills that passed the House, including Build Back Better and Infrastructure and Jobs Act that she voted against. She is ultra conservative and there is nothing wrong with being conservative as long as you aren’t against basic interests of the American People, which she is most of the time. She is also the daughter of Dick Cheney, former Vice President to George W. Bush. I dislike Dick Cheney. I think he convinced Bush to go to war against Iraq because he believed it was pursuing nuclear weapons and had weapons of mass extinction, including chemical and biological weapons. That proved to be all false, and I believe Cheney knew it. Even though Cheney claimed he did not have any financial ties to his old firm, Halliburton where he was Chief Executive before running for the VP position, he did receive about $2 million from Halliburton after becoming Vice President. Halliburton was engaged heavily in the Iraq War. Its non-bid contract was worth an estimated $7 billion. The company was also alleged to have overcharged for its work. Bottom line, it was all a big mess and Cheney was in the middle of it. The daughter shouldn’t be blamed for the sins of the father, but it bothers me when I hear the Cheney name because the first thing I think of when I hear it is Dick Cheney shooting a hunting partner in the face and getting away with it like it was just a family squabble. Despite all of this, I like what Liz Cheney is doing as vice chair of the select committee investigating the Jan 6 insurrection of our Capitol. She is really, really good. She is one Republican who is putting the country and the Constitution before her own self-interest. That’s a rarity no matter what political party the candidate is in. The latest poll in Wyoming has Harriet Hagerman, endorsed by 45, leading Cheney by 29 percent. So Cheney’s defiance of 45 may cost her a seat in Congress, but she fights on against 45 because she believes 45 has caused major damage to our constitution and our way of life. And she is right. So I cheer her on as she and the committee continues to reveal all the crimes 45 has committed in trying to overthrow the government. 45 has gotten away with so much in his life and he finally may have met his match. Cheney may just prove to be the giant-slayer if 45 finally goes down. That, my friends, would be the best thing to happen to our country in a long time. So if Cheney loses her Wyoming seat over this, so be it. She is fighting the good fight for us and for our country. I wouldn’t mind seeing her run for President. Just do not choose your dad for VP. … It’s been rumored that Pete Carroll was hoping Baker Mayfield would be released by the Browns, giving him a chance to pick him up without paying out a lot of money. Didn’t happen. Mayfield is now with Carolina Panthers, who traded for him. Now the rumor mill has it that if the 49ers release Jimmy Garoppolo, Carroll becomes very interested in signing him. So teach me this, how can Carroll say with a straight face that he is good to go with either Drew Lock or Geno Smith as his quarterback for the 2022 season, yet appears to be ready to dump them for either Mayfield and now Garoppolo. If  I’m either Lock or Smith I’m extremely nervous. And I certainly don’t trust what Carroll says. Bottom, bottom line here is the Seahawks will be lucky to win six games this season. That’s it for today. Stay safe.

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Be careful out there.

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