TOP OF THE TOWN – I don’t expect Seattle Storm to win another WNBA championship this season. They have a major weakness despite having four players you can consider among the best in the league. That weakness is an inability to rebound, protect the rim and score inside. The second weakness is not a great 3-point shooting team. I’m betting defending champion Chicago Sky will repeat its 2021 title. It’s sad to see the Storm go out like this because it loses Sue Bird to retirement and Breanna Stewart will likely move on to the New York Liberty. Bird is a legend and the best point guard ever in the league. She will be 42 in October and has had a career you can only dream about. Stewart is like a good race horse and consistently beats defenders down the court for baskets. It’s been fun watching the Storm over these years, winning 4 WNBA titles and former player Lauren Jackson, maybe the best player to ever be in the league. Tough to see the good times ending, and now the next challenge is for players to be paid more and that will happen only if the league gets more people watching them play, which pushes TV contracts to be bigger and better, and salaries to go up. That may be difficult to achieve. When I covered the Washington Huskies women’s program there was a large section men reporters who would not go to a women’s game. They often told me that it’s not basketball. But it is, and it’s gotten better and better and deserves to be appreciated for the quality of play… I’m dumbfounded by the DeShaun Watson six-game suspension, and so is the NFL. Sexual misconduct is a horrible thing, and 30 women accused him of it. Think about it. 30 women!!!!  That’s not a simple she said, he said thing. This is a pattern of conduct that leads to a conclusion there is something seriously wrong with Watson. He’s not a serial killer, but he is a serial sexual predator. Serial killers kill until they are killed or locked away for life with no chance of parole. Serial sexual predators do not suddenly change. That’s who they are. I can’t believe two things here. One, Cleveland Browns signed Watson to a five-year, fully guaranteed contract of $230 million knowing exactly what he is, a sexual predator. Then an independent judge took his case for the NFL and came up with six games suspension? C’mon. Watson should not be allowed to play football in the NFL There is a lot of anti-American and dangerous politics going on in the country and the Watson case just adds to the dangers. I can’t imagine decent folks supporting the Browns and the NFL if Watson is playing. Just can’t. But with all the other weird stuff going on now I guess folks think it’s perfectly fine for Watson to quarterback the Browns. I’m not one of those folks.  That’s it for today. Stay safe.

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