TOP OF THE TOWN – Many of the people I connect with or see on social media have no clue what will happen if 45 gets reelected to the White House, or they don’t care or want him to be reelected. I can’t emphasize enough, or warn enough that 45 is the most dangerous man in the world, worse than his buddy Putin. Don’t get me wrong, Putin is dangerous, a madman in the same vain as Stalin. Putin’s ability to become a dictator was smooth because Russia and the former Soviet Union were repressive countries before he took control, so for the people of Russia it was easy to accept as part of the normal pattern. But, here, in the United States, the bastion of freedom known around the world, it appeared to be much tougher to become a dictator because of our long history of a Constitutional Republic built on freedoms and justice for all (although that is a lie). We had a brief touch-up with Richard Nixon, but he succumbed to pressure to keep our freedoms intact. But then comes along this big mouth down an escalator in New York and his bullying and disregard for norms and laws burned a path for him, with the help of Putin, to become President in 2016 to the astonishment of many that didn’t believe, could not believe, such a distasteful man could do it. In his four years (2016-2020) he continued to smash norms and laws and traditions and politicized some of the key departments of government, including Justice, and when he lost (and he clearly did) the 2020 election he refused to step down. He fought everywhere, within the laws, and outside the laws, to stay in power. His final gasp was calling in his goons on Jan. 6 to overthrow the government by stopping the counting of the electoral ballots and killing off some of his lawmaker opponents and even his Vice President. By the narrowest of margins he couldn’t pull it off. But did that stop him?  No, ,he goes around the country still as the President and telling people at ever stop not to trust government or the election system, and only to trust him. Millions do. So how do you fight somebody who has no regard for norms, traditions, and laws and lies up a storm? We try to fight back within norms, traditions and laws and that is like fighting a bully with both hands tied behind the back while he uses everything and more at his disposal. It’s not a fair fight. So some just go to the ballot box and vote against him. Yeah, but he and his Republican allies have rigged most of the election systems so they can overturn a legal vote if it goes against them and their candidate. The only recourse we really have is to indict the SOB, convict him and put him in prison. The problem is Merrick Garland, our Attorney General, is following the book and 45 and his allies are going to run out the clock and stop him from accountability. I don’t have an answer other than to ask Garland to stop piddling around and go get him. He’s broken so many laws it’s hard to count that high. One of them is treason for trying to overthrow the government. And not only has he been charged, he’s running again for the White House, and if he gets there we are doomed to become a third-rate dictatorship run by the biggest conman, grifter in history. It will be the end of us.

Take care.

Find shelter in some faraway place. Costa Rica sounds about right.