Seahawks and Husky men’s basketball are facing trouble



TOP OF THE TOWN – I have been around basketball, baseball and football for almost eight decades, and not just as a fan but as player and observer who likes to break apart games in progress and try to determine what I would do. I have always been that way, and it comes in other areas too, like murder mysteries and political discussions as well as social issues. I for instance can’t figure out why a major political party (Republican) works so hard to deny basis rights and help to the citizens its suppose to work for. We are all here on this Earth to benefit each other – humans, plants, animals insects, birds. When we don’t, that’s when trouble starts. Trouble has come to the Washington men’s basketball program and the Seattle Seahawks. Coach Pete Carroll of the Seahawks is 71 and has had a mostly distinguished career. The Positive Pete way is good. Nothing good can come from coaching negatively. It bothers me, though, that game after game the Seahawks are being pushed around up front and teams are running roughshod over them. So why can’t Positive Pete figure that out?  Things can happen in a game or two over a 17-game schedule that will surprise you. But there’s no surprise what teams are doing to the Seahawks. They are running right at them. When your linebackers are making all the tackles, but making them 7 or 8 years down the field something is seriously wrong. I realize the Seahawks had injury and sickness to two of its best run stoppers in Al Woods and Shelby Harris for Sunday’s game against the Panthers, but pro football teams play with a lot of injuries and they adapt. Film study will show you where your strengthd and weaknesses are and what you have to do to get the best performance week after week. So why aren’t the Seahawks getting good performances from its D line? Positive Pete should know and should know how to fix it. Next up are the rolling 49ers and maybe the best team in the NFL, the Kansas City Chiefs. If something isn’t patched up, this Seahawk season is done. … God bless Mike Hopkins, or Hop for short. He’s a good guy, but good guys don’t often cut it in major college men’s basketball. He’s not getting the best players but continues to play on expecting to win the Pac-12 and make March Madness. That, of course, is pure madness. It’s easy for the casual observer to look what Hop puts on the floor night after night and take a deep breath, sit back and watch the expected – wins over inferior mid-level college teams and destruction against the better major power teams. The expectation of waiting for Hope and the Huskies to go to Spokane and play Gonzaga was like waiting for a public execution by hanging. You knew, I knew and everybody knew what was going to happen. Just looking at the contrast between the Huskies and the Bulldogs as they took the floor and you knew this wasn’t going to be pretty. Drew Timme made it look easy against the outclassed Huskies, although to give Timme credit, he took it easy and didn’t embarrass the Huskies the way he could have if he had wanted.  I think the Huskies should stop playing Gonzaga until they can attract major college players who actually can pay at a major college level. As nice of a person as Hop is the Huskies really needs a cigar smoking, whiskey drinking, coach with a 5-day growth of beard who can cuss and stomp his feet and chew out referees and whip players into a frenzied non-stop mess until they drop from sheer exhaustion. No more nice guy. Get players who can actually shoot he basketball with some regular success. Then go to Spokane and really take on Timme and mates. That’s it for today. Stay safe.

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