TOP OF THE TOWN ‑ ‑ I get a big kick out of Richard Sherman. His mouth gets in the way and what comes out of it goes viral on social platforms. He could easily be a politician because a lot of what they all say is worthless dribble meant to stir the masses and attract votes. Sherman can’t help it. Stuff comes out of his mouth that is full of BS and dribble. His biggest problem is he has no safely valve. Most of us are held back to what we really want to say because we have that safely valve that prevents us from being stupid. Sherman has none. What he thinks he says. He just lets loose with incredible words that travel the globe once he releases them. But he gets attention for his uncensored words. He got into it the other day with a local sports shock jock because he couldn’t help himself and let it all hang out how he didn’t like the guy and the guy could shut his mouth because he wasn’t going to answer any questions from him. It’s not the first time Sherman has caused trouble with his mouth and it probably won’t be the last. I suspect this all-for-nothing approach is what made him the NFL’s best cornerback at one time. It’s an “I Don’t Care” approach that is fearless and dangerous at the same time. You can get hurt easily when you can play fast and loose with your body without concern about anything except to make the play. I have been around guys like that and I always tried to avoid them like an on-coming train. Sherman will be one of the analyse tonight (Dec. 15) on Prime Video for the Seahawk-49ers game and you can bet he will say something outrageous.  But, hey, that is why they pay him. … Can Hop save himself? That is the question I continue to ask myself. Mike Hopkins keeps putting together Washington Husky teams made of no-names and they play decent enough to keep the baying dogs off of him.  If you are looking for a March Madness team coached by Hop, you are crazy. It’s not going to happen. So will big donators and semi-fat alums be contended to watch average teams?  No. There will come a time of reckoning.  They will give Hope an award for being such a nice guy and send him down the road. It will then be time to bring in a gunslinger with a hangover, blurry eyes, three-days of facial hair growth and a resume just short of a rap sheet. There is no reason –NONE ­– that says the Washington Huskies cannot recruit big-name players and contend not just for the Pac-12 championship but a berth in March Madness.  To play with the Big Boys you must be a Big Boy. That’s enough for today. Stay safe.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.