A few days ago Tracyton’s Lanny and Deanna Dowell received word from the Smith’s (Pam and Doug, former Olympic High School football coach) who were seeking a respite at their condo in Western Montana prior to the start of another NFL season before following their son Alex’s team (the Washington Redskins) all over the continental USA.

The Dowell’s are close friends with the Smith’s, and they left a message that they had suffered a break-in, theft and ransacking of their second floor condo. The leader of the pack, with two young henchmen, is pictured below.

According to Pam Smith, the pack returned last during the ESPN telecast of the New York Jets- Washington game. She captured this photo of the returning felon.

Not sure if Pam fixed her guest a sandwich and invited him/her to watch the Washington victory.

It was clearly established that this was definitely not a scout from Chicago.