Escaping social media by avoiding most of it



TOP OF THE TOWN – You know social media is killing us. I’ve said that for years now and but in the last months I have figured out how not to let it kill me. I use to read everything and it drove me nuts and probably would have eventually killed me. I have reduced down what I read. I don’t need to know everything that is posted, so now I skip a lot of stuff. For instance, I don’t need to read the boy friend being arrested eight years after the mom of five disappeared or that Michigan State fired football coach Mel Tucker after being accused of sexual harassment. That is a big deal in today’s world, but I have become immune to sexual harassment because it happens so much. I’m not excusing it, it’s just happening all over and right now somewhere and as much as I would like to stop it I know I can’t and am tired of reading about another public figure like Tucker being exposed for it. Cher, for God’s sake, has been accused of hiring men to kidnap her estranged son. It’s sad if true (and that is the rub with so many social media stories, we don’t know if they are true or not) but I don’t care to know it. I was watching “The Pacific” a 10-part series about the U.S. Marines fighting against Japanese forces in the Pacific during World War II and it nearly bought me to tears how horrible the fighting was and how it impacted lives, especially when it came to their women back home. I have never resolved my mother’s death when I was 12 and it happened a long, long time ago. I went from an idyllic childhood with a bright athletic and educational future in front of me to being forced to leave my peaceful and loving place in a small village in Southwestern New York State and moving to the West Coast where I began my dark years, practically raising myself, and doing a bad job of it. I survived, but barely. And I changed drastically and became a lonely soul that if not for my late sister and the examples set by my three older brothers would have been dead a long time ago. If we would have had cell phones and social media during my dark years I would not have made it. I would have been overwhelmed by it all. I did make it, but still don’t believe that I’m whole. I’m getting too deep into the psychology of my life. You don’t want to read it, and I don’t blame you. I lived it and don’t want to read it either. So let’s march on to baseball. The Mariners saved their postseason hopes Tuesday night (Sept. 26) by beating the Astros 6-2. They now rest a half game behind the Astros for the third playoff spot from the American League. They are alive, but hanging by a slim tread. People who know the NFL better than I have moved the Seahawks up to being a possible playoff team. This comes just three weeks into the regular season. You can read all about it on social media posts and listen to it from the sports shock jocks that are all over morning TV. As John Prine would sing if he was still with us, I’m going to take in my mind a long and lonely walk down the railroad tracks. I’ll be back later. Stay safe.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.