Demise of Pac-12 and the coming age of super teams



TOP OF THE TOWN – As we run out the clock in 2023 it’s interesting to discover, at least for me, how fast things are changing. There is no more Pac-12, although Oregon State and Washington State, the two orphans of the conference, are holding out hope I will live in a reconstructed manner through a merger with the West Coast Conference. Maybe, but it won’t hold the same power as the old one. It will be the sick stepsister of the old one. At the same time, the addition of Washington and Oregon, USC and UCLA to the Big Ten adds power to that conference, although the bullies there (Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State) can’t wait to administer some buddy noses. The continued growth of NIL and transfer portal is remaking what we use to know as amateur athletics. When college teenagers can now make millions before they go to their first classes, blows up that fact. College players now have the option to not only make large chunks of money but to transfer someplace else if they do not like the coach or the system. What is going to happen in the long run is the larger and more powerful football and basketball schools will get more powerful. We will see in time the birth of super teams. You think the non-conference games are lopsided now just wait, you have not seen anything yet. I would guess at some point these super teams will form their own super conferences. Most of the super athletes will follow the money and sign with Michigan’s, Alabama’s and Ohio States because it’s where the most powerful will reside. You can bank on that happening. In the future, you won’t want to watch the non-conference game between Michigan and the Sisters of the Poor.  I suspect Washington will lose to Texas. It’s just a hunch. The Huskies blew the Longhorns away last year in the Alamo Bowl and I do not think Texas will take Washington for granted this time. The Longhorns will be ready. The thing that could upset my prediction is the amazing record of Kalen DeBoer. He is 103-11 as a head coach, 13-0 this season. Deontay Wilder appears to be toast. He was easily beaten by decision recently by Joseph Parker. The 38-year-old Wilder was never a good boxer. His right hand made him champion. He needs more than that now, and he doesn’t have it. That’s it for today. Stay safe.

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