Wilson benching was a money issue



Terry Mosher


TOP OF THE TOWN ‑ Russell Wilson was benched because of money. It is always about money. Coach Sean Payton says it was about quality of play. But that is nonsense. It was about money, almost 40 million of guaranteed money. Wilson was not willing to adjust it. Frankly I have had enough of Wilson. He had house worth millions while playing for the Seahawks and immediately purchased a multi-million-dollar home in Denver when he was traded there. Why do pro athletes purchase large expensive homes, buy numerous expensive cars and toss hundreds of dollars at strip dancers? If I had all the money to do all of that, I would not do any of that. Wilson has likely played his last games for the Broncos, and I’m happy. He’s a phony egotist who is trending downward. Is there a market for his services? Yeah, probably. Pittsburg and Atlanta might go for him. I’m sure there are multi-million homes available in both cities. You know if I had this kind of money, I would buy a moderate, well-built house in the middle-class section. I would mow my own lawn, plant my own flowers and converse with my neighbors in the patio out back over hamburgers. But that is just me. Wilson reminds me of A-Rod, Phony as a three-dollar bill. Another guy who bugs me is Aaron Rodgers. I don’t think he’s phony. He’s very intelligent, He is polar opposite from me on most, if not all, political and social issues. He was never going to come back and play this year for the Jets. That was a bunch of BS. I also had hoped Dabo Swinney and his Clemson Tigers would get beat Friday (Dec. 30) by Kentucky. They would have too if Kentucky could play defense and hold on to the ball. Watching Dabo jump up and down and hug everybody he could find after the Tigers pulled out a 3-point win made me sick. I am usually wrong on my predictions so you might want to bet opposite of what I am going to say: Alabama will beat Michigan and Texas will snap Washington’s 20-game winning streak. When you win your bets, you can thank me. That is if for today. Stay safe.eHe

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