Dave Ryles, Les Eathorne, Ben Manchion


This is from Patti Ryles she posted recently on the CaringBridge site about her husband Dave Ryles, who is in recovery from a stroke. Ryles, as most of you know, was a tremendous 3-sport athlete at East Bremerton High School and graduated from there in 1969. He played baseball at Olympic College and Washington State and has been a baseball scout for Philadelphia for many years as well as a former teacher/coach at Cedercrest High School in Duvall. Here’s what Patti wrote:

It’s been a little over 7 weeks since Dave entered Virginia Mason and then transferred to Issaquah Rehab and Nursing.  Unfortunately there has been very little progress.  He has regained motion on his leftside, it’s still weak but is slowly getting better.  Mentally there has been no progress.  He is still unable to swallow correctly so still has the feeding tube.  He’s not losing anymore weight but not gaining either.  He weighs 120 lbs.

He has been able to get into a wheelchair with help and has to be propped up with pillows but at least it’s a change from the bed

He continues to have many, many visitors which we are grateful for.  Sometimes Dave recognizes people other times he doesn’t.  He seems to do best remembering things that happened 20-40 yrs ago.  He is receiving cards all of the time from previous students/football players who have such wonderful memories of Dave.  I take them in and read them to him.  Most of the time he says he recognizes the name.  I just sit and cry because of the wonderful memories they have of Dave and how he impacted their lives.  Please keep him in your prayers.  Thanks to all of you.  Patti