It’s been difficult lately to get Joe Perdue on the line – he’s busy getting Village Greens Golf Course in Port Orchard up and running – but he did send along this story, which is fabulous.

But we will let Joe tell it.

“Tony Cutler, the owner of Uncle Daves Cafe in Port Orchard, dropped by looking for me when I was at Village Greens last month,” Perdue wrote. “He introduced himself and told me about all of the golf memorabilia he has on display in his cafe. It was there when he purchased the business, and is part of the charm and character of the restaurant.

“After he introduced himself, he produced a painting he had brought with him and said, ‘this was hanging on the wall, and I think it has something to do with this golf course.’

“It was a painting of people waiting in line to use the port-a-potty by what used to be the 15th tee at Village Greens. All it took was one quick glance, and I immediately recognized the painting.

“Oh. My. Gosh. I said. ‘I can’t believe you have this! It’s a painting of something that happened when I was an assistant golf professional here,’ as I pointed to the 1983 date by the bottom of the frame.

“Here’s the story:

“One of our regular players, I believe it was a fellow by the name of Bill Armstrong, was responding to nature’s call and had to use the port-a-potty, which was located between the 14th green and 15th tee. When he was done, he headed over to the next hole to catch up with the rest of his group, who had already hit their tee shots while they were waiting for him.

“When he got to the next green, he reached into his golf bag for his putter and couldn’t find it. After checking in all of his playing partner’s bags, he remembered that he’d forgotten it when he came off the 14th green.

“While he was trudging up the hill to retrieve his putter, he noticed several people were lined up to use the portable facility. It was then he realized that he’d left his putter leaning up against the side of port-a-potty. Everyone waiting in line, by this time uncomfortably shifting their weight from one foot to other, was getting a little anxious. They had no idea there was no one inside.

“Needless to say, he received a lot of much deserved grief, and someone thought it was hilarious enough to have a painting made to commemorate the event. That painting was still hanging in the clubhouse when I left for another job in 1985.

“Tony got quite a chuckle from the story, and said he’d always wondered what the painting was all about. He had no idea how it ended up at the cafe and handed it to me, saying that its rightful place was back at the golf course.

“LaVerne Miles was the artist, and I can only presume was a first-hand witness to the event. I will make sure to hang this up when I get back to the clubhouse this week for everyone to enjoy.

“This absolutely made my day.”

Joe also added that Village Greens is holding a junior golf camp on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, July 15-16-17. The camp will run from 9 a.m. to noon all three days, and will include instruction on the full swing with wedges, irons and woods, along with instruction on pitching, chipping, putting, rules and etiquette.

The cost is $99 and is open to boys and girls age 7-17. The cost includes range balls, instruction and snacks. The camp size is limited to 10 students.

To sign up, please call Village Greens Golf course at 360-871-1222. Instruction for this camp will be provided by Peninsula High School assistant girls golf coach Cheryl Graf.



Social media followers are getting a big kick out of traitor Trump’s remarks in his phony July 4th speech, especially when he said the revolutionary army took over the airports:

“Our army manned the air, it rammed the ramparts, it took over the airports ….”

And all along we thought the Wright Brothers invented the airplane in the early 1900s. I guess we better revisit our history.

I’m beginning to think the traitor doesn’t think past the moment he is in. My oldest brother said the traitor “just says things to say things.”  And I think my brother is right. The traitor just blurts out whatever he has been told or is thinking at the moment and doesn’t think of the relevance of it or what affect his comments will have. We are used to our Presidents to speak truth and when they speak it reverberates around the globe. But not this one. He just says things to talk without any hint what it will do to others.

Still, to say the airplane was flying in the 1700s is a bit much, and critics are justified to have a field day on social media with it. I must warn, however, you have to take what he says with a grain of salt and look behind the curtain to what he and his allies, mainly Stephen Miller, are doing to our country in terms of blowing up our laws and constitution. That is where the real danger lies, not in stupid stuff he says.



My first posting of the five Democratic candidates that are doing well did not have Joe Biden on it. Gentleman Joe, for me, just is too nice, too naïve sometimes. He would make a deal with the devil if he thought it would benefit the country. And he has in the past made deals with people you might think are devils to get some things done, not worrying out what damage the bad part of the deals do to our country. Sometimes, I believe, you have to stay firm and not make deals what have bad parts in it that will affect our country for years.

This is a roundabout way of saying that I saw a Biden interview this morning (July 6) in which he came off much better. He explained some of his beliefs that made sense to me, and it’s difficult to do that to me.

So Joe, for now, has moved up on my list, which will continue to evolve with time. Here it is:


  1. Kamala Harris.
  2. Joe Biden
  3. Cory Booker
  4. Pete Buttigieg
  5. Elizabeth Warren


Hope you all survived the Fourth of July without a hotdog hangover. I watched the Macy’s Brooklyn Bridge fireworks and it was impressive. I’m guessing it cost millions to put it on. It cost $6 million two years ago.

Anyway, we are cruising to the meat of summer and I’m love the greenly and seeing the birds flying around with each other as if they are playing tag. Keep cool.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.