I don’t really care for the new Washington Husky football uniforms that are part of the new deal with Adidas. That doesn’t mean a lot to me, though. What is important to me, and I covered Husky football for about 30 years, is how well the team plays.

They can wear rainbow colors for all I care (Well, maybe not). What matters is performance on the field and while the Huskies under coach Chris Petersen have gotten good there is still a disconnect between them and the top programs in the land like Alabama, Auburn and Clemson and others.

When the Huskies get to the level of the 1991 Washington team I will know the program has finally arrived on the big stage. That 1991 team is the best I saw, although to be fair some of these latest Clemson and Alabama teams have been pretty darn good.

Under Petersen the Huskies have become a top-10 program. But the program still has to take the next step and get up to the top 2-3 in the country. It’s possible, but also improbable as long as the top SEC schools continue to rake in most of the top high school talent in America. Top talent makes top coaches and top coaches plus top talent makes it nearly impossible to match.

The coming 2019 football season will be tough for Washington because Oregon is loaded and Utah in the South Division has just about everybody back. Oregon and Washington collide Oct. 19 at Husky Stadium and then after a bye week Utah shows up at Husky Stadium. Those two games will decide just how tough Washington is going to be.




Who is the richest NBA player, former or present?

Yes, you are right. It’s Michael Jordan. He’s estimated to be worth $1.5 billion.

I am going to guess here that you don’t know who is the second wealthiest?  No, it’s not Magic Johnson or LeBron James. Magic ($600 million) is third and LeBron($440 million) is fourth.

This guy played college ball at Louisville and nearly led the Cardinals to an upset victory in the 1975 March Madness semifinal against UCLA, which won the title. The Cardinals lost to UCLA 75-74.

He then was drafted into the NBA by the Los Angeles Lakers. He went in the first round with the 8th pick. He was immediately traded to the Milwaukee Bucks in the famous deal that brought Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to the Lakers.

Do you give up?

It is Junior Bridgeman, a 6-5 guard-forward who is now 65 years old. He once owned over 100 Wendy and Chili’s restaurant franchises and then became a bottler for the Coca-Cola Company and last year signed an intent letter to buy bottling operations in Canada.



I’m getting sick and tired of traitor Trump. He is the mouthpiece for a gang of right-right oligarchs that are getting more and more control of our republic and attempting to turn it all white.

That is why it is so important to them to have a citizenship question on the census form to they can limit representation for non-whites and immigrants. If allowed (the Supreme Court blocked it) it would give white Republicans an advantage in redistricting and shut out many minorities.

The traitor has dropped the plan to put the question on the census form, but says now other agencies will develop citizenship information.

It is a daily fight to keep the traitor form turning our country completely over to the oligarchs with him sitting on top as a dictator. He’s going to succeed if we don’t get him out of the White House, preferably sooner rather than later.

May God help us.