I’m traveling to the Boneyard today to rid myself of the constant stacking of ideas and thoughts that have no place to go and clog my mind. So I’m dumping some of them today to take pressure off my mind, if you don’t mind.

If was different of me to watch tennis the last few days – Wimbledon tennis. I was a terrible tennis player. I had good hand-eye coordination and could get to balls that were not too far from me, but my quickness was saddled with cement feet. I was much better playing table tennis where I didn’t have to move my feet much (I was unbeaten in college).

I missed Simona Halep’s upset of upset of Serena Williams in the women’s final (6-2, 6-2) because I didn’t wake in time. I had seen Halep play in the quarterfinals and semifinals and thought she might have a chance against Williams, but I never thought she would outclass probably the best women to ever play the game. Of course Williams is now 37 and may be a victim of what we all are eventually – father time.




We are missing the real story when we talk about the caged kids and men and women along our southern Border. Much, if not all, the conversation on national media is about the Gawd-awful conditions these people are in when the talk should be about the camps themselves. What are we doing putting kids and adults in what amounts to concentration camps? Are we taking our cue from the German Nazis? C’mon, we are better as a people than this.

Problems along our southern border have been there for decades. But this is a first – putting people in caged camps. This is the zero-tolerance policy that traitor Trump pushed former attorney general Jeff Sessions to institute that has led to separation of families.

This is wrong, wrong, wrong.

And it’s evil.

The problem of the southern Border will never get solved unless the two major political parties and the President can get together and work it out. That seems impossible right now. That is why we need to get rid of traitor Trump and the stonewalling Mitch McConnell and his Republican allies in the next election. So vote blue, blue, and blue.

In the meanwhile, the problem can be soften if the United States would aid those Central American counties – El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala – that need help. I would not only pour money into them but make sure they agree to us sending the right people to their countries to make sure the money is used in the right way to solve the terrible conditions – crime and corruption – in them.

Traitor Trump has done just the opposite, cutting aid to them.  That only makes the conditions in those countries even worse, and forces more people to migrate north to look for a better life. So he has made the conditions along the southern border even worse than they were.

The second thing that has bothered me is immigration itself. The traitor is intent to make America White Again and part of that goal is to throw out all immigrants, legal and illegal.

That is the second most stupid thing I have heard. And it’s wrong, wrong, wrong.

Immigrants made his country – the traitor’s grandparents were immigrants and his third wife is an immigrant. The 11 million immigrants or so that are in this country are responsible for helping our economy. They pay into Social Security without getting back any of what they pay into it, and they pay taxes. They also do jobs that most regular Americans shun.

In my college days, I worked alongside Mexicans that followed the harvests. They worked in Northern California, came up to eastern Washington and when I ran into them they were working the pea harvest in Ferndale, WA.

They not only were hard workers, but great people. They were fun to be around and I socialized with a few of them. They were one of the highlights of my college days.

Okay, I feel better. Time to forage around for something to eat. May your weekend be full of fun and fruitful.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.