AROUND THE COUNTRY ­­‑ Cincinnati should have beaten the Seahawks Sunday. Here’s why: Tre Flowers. The right cornerback for the Seahawks had a bad day. He couldn’t stop running even if shown what knob to do it. I would have run the Bengals wheel route to Flower’s side with John Ross, the speedy ex-Husky who had a breakout game. Flowers would have been repeatedly beaten by Ross. The Bengals didn’t do it, though. … Give a lot of credit to first-year Bengals coach Zac Taylor, who spent the last two years as assistant coach for the Los Angeles Rams. The Bengals are not the Bengals of old, who could very lackluster at times. These Bengals were confident and had a very good game plan. They attacked Russell Wilson relentlessly and had defenders clogging the lanes Wilson likes to use to escape when pressured. The Bengals defensive front clearly out played the Seahawks’ offensive line, which is supposed to be vastly improved. And quarterback Andy Dalton threw for over 400 yards against a Seahawk secondary that is mostly brand new. How the Seahawks escaped with a one-point win is beyond me. As bad as Pittsburg looked Sunday night against the Patriots, the Steelers won’t be an easy foil Sunday when the Seahawks visit. And Flowers better grow up real quick because Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger is on a Hall of Fame path and will have seen plenty of Seahawk film by the time the game starts. He will test Flowers early and often …. It is baffling what has happened to South Kitsap football. Since the end of the 2011 season when D. J. Sigurdson resigned as coach the SK Wolves have gone 17-54 and since the 2017 season has gone 0-21, including a 50-0 defeat to Sumner last Friday night in new coach Dan Ericson’s first game. Ericson is a good coach and he may have thought it would be easy to turn around football at what is the biggest school in the state of Washington. But what he has to do first is reestablish a winning culture that was present during the Hall of Fame coaching career of Ed Fisher (196-49 from 1974-96 with one state title and two other state final appearances) and Sigurdson (107-49 in 1997-2011 with one state final appearance). During the Wolves current 21-game losing streak they have been outscored 954-174 and have been shut out seven times. That is an average of 45.4 to 8.3 points a game. If anybody has a clue why this has happened you are much better than me and I’ve been around football for 70 years. It took Fisher four years to turn around the program (he was 15-20 those first four years and then until he resigned in 1996 he went 181-29. So go figure. A school this big (2024 students) with three middle schools feeding it should at least be .500 in football. Hopefully, Ericson will turn it around once he gets his feet wet. … Another thing I can’t figure out is Antonio Brown. Although to be fair, not many people have figured him out. Now he’s with the Patriots and if he screws around with them coach Bill Belichick will get rid of him so fast it will make your head spin. Personally, no matter how talented the guy is, I would not put up with his shenanigans. It’s difficult enough to manage 53 different personalities on a pro football team I wouldn’t want his distractions. But maybe Belichick can do it. If Brown settles in to the Patriots way it may b tough to beat them because of all their weapons to go along with 42-year-old Tom Brady, perhaps the best QB in league history. … Okay, I’m outta here.

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