I have to respond. Traitor Trump is the enemy of the people. He is attacking us from within. And his lies are just getting too much for me to hold back. He is coning all of America when he says the “Do Nothing Democrats.” The House of Representatives under Democratic control have passed over 200 bills to help our country and our people and none have been taken up in the Senate where Moscow Mitch has blocked them all from being taken up on the floor for debate and vote. Its traitor Trump and his gatekeeper, Moscow Mitch, who are the “Do-Nothings.” In addition to ordering Moscow Mitch to block all Democratic bills, Don the Con has stonewalled the House of Representative’s ouse of investigation into his illegal and impeachable offense in his phone call with Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky. Thanks goodness, a few courageous souls have defied the traitor and stepped forward to testify. I find it an abuse of power that he has ordered our Attorney General, Bill Barr, who should be working for us and the constitution but is instead acting as the traitor’s personal attorney, to go around the world to find fake dirt on people he has targeted as his enemies – James Comey and others, including former president Barack Obama. This is an act of a dictator to smear and maybe even put these perceived enemies (all Democrats) in prison or worse, have them killed. This is not normal in a democracy. This is the act of a madman. Then he lies about his call with the Turkey president RecepTayyip Erdogan, falsely saying he did not give Erdogan a green light to cross the border into Syria and crush the Kurds, who fought bravely with us against ISIS. The blood being spilled as the Turks slaughter the Kurds is squarely on the hands of the traitor. He can’t lie his way out of that. He can’t con the American people who know better. Besides being a murder, the traitor is ceding the land the Kurds called home to Syria’s brutal president Bashar Al-Assad, Iran and Russia, which is the recipient of all kinds of favors from the traitor. There is no question now that the traitor is an asset of Putin. None. We are being governed by a traitor who is shredding our government, our norms, our laws, our constitution and our Republic for his own gain in power and money. He’s a sleaze ball, a mob crime boss, a corrupted individual who is laying waste to everything good we used to stand for. The traitor is the master of deception, the king of con, and the enemy of us. He must be gone. We have to get rid of him. Now. I pray to God that He intervenes and sends the traitor where he belongs, in chains and in prison.