TOP OF THE TOWN – I was listening to sports shock jocks on KJR Radio discuss the vaccine controversy surrounding Washington State football coach Nick Rolovich’s decision not to get vaccine against the COVID-19 virus and his applying for a religious exemption, which just about everybody expects will be denied thus opening the door for his possible firing based on Governor Jay Inlsee’s mandate that all state employees be vaccinated by Oct. 18 or lose their jobs. One of the radio hosts was for Rolovich being fired if he does not relent and get the vaccine and one host and a guest stood up for Rolovich based, I think, on their loyalty to the school. I had heard enough and I angry hit the off button on my car’s radio and yelled they are okay with killing people. Anti-vax people who hide behind religion and others, like Kyrie Irving who is anti based on who knows what drive me crazy and are setting themselves up as murders. Get the bleeping vaccine, save lives and kill off the virus. Do what is right for the community.  It’s not that difficult. And don’t get me started on those two stupid governors in Florida and Texas who are doing everything possible in their power to kill off their people in their states by doing the opposite of mandates. Who the bleep elected those two idiots? They should be tarred and feathered and run out of town on the rail. Rolovich’s anti-vax stance is against everything you would expect from an educational leader who is making the most money in the state of any state employee. He’s not a leader of men. He’s a bad example and should be fired. He can join the two governors from Florida and Texas. … I’m likely not alone in praise of the Kraken after their first NHL regular season game Tuesday night in Vegas against a very good Golden Knights’ team. They lost 4-3, but put up a good fight, better than one would expect for the expansion team. They are quick on their skates, aggressive, and pass well and sharply. If this one game is going to be how they play this season they will make the playoffs. The only weakness I saw was their over-aggressiveness opened them to quick breakouts by the Golden Knights. But I will take that trade-off for their continued aggressiveness…. I think people are holding their breath to see if Geno Smith will lead the Seahawks to success over the next three games while Russell Wilson is out after having surgery on a finger. What will happen if Smith plays better than Wilson has in recent times? Wilson is a super positive individual who refuses to lose even when he loses. But if Geno is better then what we have come to expect from Wilson, what then? Don’t give me that baloney that the Seahawks would never replace Wilson. Top dawgs, even future Hall of Game dawgs, can be replaced. I don’t think Smith will be good enough for that to happen. His history is that he’s turnover prone. But never say never. … What is wrong with the Kansas City Chiefs? They, like the Seahawks, are 2-3. How can that be? Well, it looks to me that the Chiefs have reverted to several years ago when they couldn’t stop running water. They have been replaced in the AFC by the Buffalo Bills. Can you believe it? The Bills are for real. Now if Tom Brady suddenly shows his age, you can go make a bet on the Bills. Until then, keep your dough in your pocket. …  I like the winner between the Giants and Dodgers to win the World Series. The Bad Boys, Houston, the team most of baseball hate, may have something to say about that. The Astros are the best offensive club in baseball. And, no, I’m not talking about their conduct. They hit the ball as hard as the late Sonny Liston punched opponents. What amazes me, and it shouldn’t since I’ve been around the sport for most of my life, is how well and fast good pitchers throw the ball now and how far hitters hit it. I can’t imagine even now how they can hit a 100 mph hour pitch. About 25 years ago I was at Westlake, Ohio trying to hit in a batting cage that threw balls at me 80 mph. I once was a good baseball hitter, but I could not even get around on one of the balls that came at me. Finally, I just stuck the bat out and let a ball hit it. Even then I had problems doing it. But at 100 mph? C’mon, that is not possible. Yet it really is. Okay, I’m outta here. Stay Safe.

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Be careful out there.

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