TOP OF THE TOWN ‑ There are so many things going on in sports right now, most of them downers. The biggest may be Nick Rolovich being fired as Washington State football coach because he refused to get vaccinated against COCID-19, which violated the mandate by Governor Jay Inslee that all public employees be vaccinated. Rolovich was the highest paid public employee at $3.2 million a year and it makes no sense to me that he would not sit still for 30 seconds to take the shot. Of course, we all know he wasn’t going to take this lying down. He filed a suit against Washington State today, which means to me he had prepared to do this way before he was fired. I think he is a jerk among other adjectives. I think he will lose the suit. As to where he will find another coaching job, that may be problematic. Who would want to hire a guy that takes such a ridiculous stance, a stance that could spread the virus to others and cause death, besides the possibility of him being infected and dying. I don’t know. Is there a limit to being stupid? … Speaking of another guy who is forfeiting a huge salary, Kyrie Irving has been suspended by the Brooklyn Nets for refusing to get vaccinated. He is scheduled to make just over $34 million a year. I suppose he could withstand losing that much if he sat out the entire season. But for why? I don’t understand how it hurts to take a shot in the arm. It’s not going to kill you, and it could save lives, and maybe even yours. What is wrong with people? We can’t kill off this virus and any mutant unless we get vaccinated. What can’t guys like Rolovich and Irving understand? They are putting themselves and others at risk by doing this. It’s beyond stupid. It’s criminal. … There has been some praise for quarterback Geno Smith for the way he handled his emergency start (and loss) against Pittsburgh. I disagree. I think he showed why he is a backup. Granted he might be among the top ten backups in the NFL, but he still is not good enough to be a frontline starter. Smith threw at least four passes to his right that were knocked down at the line of scrimmage by defenders, most of them by T.J. Watt. He may have had more than four knocked down because I switched channels on my TV for a bit knowing the Seahawks were in trouble and were not going to win. I played quarterback as a young kid and I can tell you right now if I would have had a pass or two knocked down from the same guy on the same type of pass I would not use that pass anymore. I’m not dumb. One thing is consistently shut down you go to other plays. Even if the plays came from the sidelines, Smith could have checked down and went to a different play. And, for me, he doesn’t seem to have any radar. He got sacked by Watt on a play he should have felt and fled. But, no, he stood there and got whacked by Watt. I understand Smith is the best option the Seahawks have, but Geno has to do a better job. He can run, and I didn’t see that from him. He’s got to be better or the Seahawks are in bad shape going forward. They have the Saints on Monday Night Football next and while the Saints aren’t as good as people thought, they ain’t the Ain’t Saints…. The Seattle Times Husky football beat writer wrote a scathing indictment of the Huskies the other day and I couldn’t be more proud of him. They are not well-coaching and the coaching staff has not done a good job of recruiting. It’s a double whammy that spells trouble for the Huskies now and in the near future. There is some good talent there. But the huge and veteran offensive line is a joke. It can’t get out of its own way. The defensive front is almost as bad.  I covered Husky football for nearly 30 years, and the one thing I could count on is the Huskies always having excellent quarterback play. No more. The last two starters ‑ Jacob Eason and Dylan Morris – are below standards for Husky football. Eason, who has a big arm could really never learn how to put touch on the ball and was waived by the Indianapolis Colts the other day. No big surprise to me. Morris is a tough dude. He really tries hard and is not a quitter. He keeps coming at you. But his talent is below standards. Head coach Jimmy Lake says Morris throws dimes all over the field in practices. I think those dimes are down to nickels during games. He’s not accurate on deep throws. I would also like to know what happened to running back Richard Newton. He played in the first two games and then has disappeared. Maybe a missing person’s alert should be sent out. … Is Russell Westbrook an unnecessary piece of the Los Angeles Lakers? I think so. LeBron handles the ball. What is Westbrook going to do without the ball? He’s not a very good shooter. He needs the ball in his hands and out on transition where he can score in many ways. Maybe the Lakers and LeBron will figure out how to use him most effectively. But right now he is about as useful as a third hand. … What the bleep is going on with Ben Simmons and the 76ers? I would kick Simmons to the curb. I knew a long time ago if a player didn’t want to be on my team then get lost. I don’t care how good the player is or how much money he is being paid ($29 million a year for Simmons) he is gone. You can’t have a disruptive force on your team. Simmons is all of that. Ship him to Financial Fleury, or to Gorst. I understand $29 million is not pocket change, but if I own the team it probably is pocket change for me. Hit the road, Ben. Okay, that is enough for today. Stay safe.

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