TOP OF THE TOWN‑ If you go down the rosters of Washington and Michigan, dissect defenses and offensives, there is only one conclusion to make: Michigan will win the NCAA Football Championship Monday night. It’s why the Wolverines are favored, and it is why every so-called TV expert I have seen picks them to win. Yet, there is something that nags at me that says the opposite. The Huskies seem to win even when it looks like they are going to get beat. Somehow, they always manage to upset the so-called experts and win. I don’t know why I feel this year, although I’m a very spiritual person who in my life have had some contact with the “other side.” So, no matter what I think after examining everything, I cannot get rid of the feeling the Huskies will stun everybody and win. When I think in human terms, I say Michigan will win 38-14. But then my spiritual side pokes its nose in it and says, no, Washington will win 24-21. So, what do I know? I do know Michigan is a very veteran team with a great defensive front and a couple all-American types in the backend. The Wolverines on offense like to play smash-mouth football and run the ball down your throat with rugged Blake Corum. Their quarterback, J.J. McCarthy, is an understated player who cannot be ignored. He’s very good. Coach Jim Harbaugh says he is the best QB Michigan has ever had. What does Washington bring to this fight? An offensive line that has been named as the best OL in college football, at least three wide receivers many think will either go in the first round of the NFL draft or at least early in the second round. Quarterback Mike Penix Jr. is one of the most accurate throwers seen from that position in recent years. He is money on throws, especially deep throws. He is also calm, cool and collected. He is one of the five top QBs in the draft, and with his incredible performance against Texas moved up in the draft according to several draft experts. The downside is the Huskies have not done well against the run, which Michigan does extremely well. Michigan has more going for it than the Huskies do. That is why the Wolverines are favored. I personally would love to see the Huskies win because I don’t like Harbaugh. He is an arrogant SOB who walks a tight line between legal and illegal. But he is also a good coach, who likely will go to the NFL when this is all over, win or lose. So that is it for today. Stay safe.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.