Caitlin Clark is a must see as she plays Sunday for the national championship in her last college basketball game



TOP OF THE TOWN – The whole basketball world, it seems, has galvanized behind Caitlin Clark. The Iowa superstar, averaging 32 points a game, has been a bright light for women’s basketball for years now. Her sharpshooting from the next area code over is amazing. If you do not start checking her as she crosses half-court, you are in trouble. But what I find most remarkable is her passing. She is superwoman on passes, seeing things I don’t see. What is even more remarkable is she is very humble about the success she has had in leading the Hawkeyes to the NCAA finals for the second straight year, facing unbeaten South Carolina Sunday at noon in the championship game in Cleveland. Iowa beat a previous unbeaten South Carolina team77-73 in the seminal finals last year. Yesterday (April 5) in the semifinals, University of Connecticut coach Geno Auriemma had a brilliant defense of Clark, as a defender picked Clark up as she crossed the half-court line and stuck to her like glue. Clark didn’t hit a three, a first for her this year, and was limited to six points at halftime. Clark, though, broke loose in the fourth quarter and finished with 21 points in a thrilling 71-69 victory that came down to an illegal screen with 3.9 seconds left, forcing a UConn turnover. This is a long-about way to say you got to watch Sunday’s game. Clark has elevated the women’s game to new heights (she will enter the WNBA draft). She is a must see. That is it for today. Stay safe.

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