Caitlin Clark had a fantastic college career, now we will see if she can have the same positive impact in the WNBA




TOP OF THE TOWN – Caitlin Clark was a fantastic college basketball player. She could shoot it (that was obvious) and pass it (not so obvious) and make the right play (not as clear). I have watched her play for four years and have always been surprised by something she did in a game. To get where she was (the best college players in women’s basketball) she had to spend a lot of time honing her game. While her friends were putting on lipstick, she was putting on moves on the practice court. What may be the most surprising about her is the humbleness she walks around with. She is the rare superstar that makes teammates better. She is not about setting records (which she has done over and over), but about winning. Her parents must be first class, because she is first class without being obnoxious. There is a question that remains about Caitlin Clark. She will be the first pick of the Indiana Fever in the WNBA draft scheduled for April 15 at Brooklyn Academy of Music in Brooklyn New York. You can watch it on ESPN, starting at 4:30 p.m.. Will she have an immediate impact on the league?  Kelsey Plum, who played for the University of Washington and as the best college player in the land as a senior did not have impact in the pro league until her third year. Now she is one of the stars of the star-loaded Las Vegas Aces, the two-time WNBA champions. Clark will be playing against the best of the best with Indiana. The players she will face will be bigger, quicker and better athletes on a consistent basis. Like Plum, it will take her a few years to find her niche and become a star. She will find it, but she needs time to adjust. That’s it for today. Stay safe.

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