We must not let Donald Trump anywhere near the White House



TOP OF THE TOWN ‑ Who wrote this message? Does it really matter whether she was a conservative, a liberal, a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew or an atheist? Does it really matter if she is homeless or a millionaire? Does it really matter that her skin color is different from yours? Is it really that significant whether he comes from a red state, a blue state, a swing state or even Washington state? I, Bruce Enns, am a legal alien enjoying the many benefits of living in America. I REALLY wish that I could vote in November, but I can’t. What I can do is ask those who have read the preceding questions to read quietly the following message, discuss it with your family and if you agree, to share it with others.


If you believe in democracy, if you believe in science, if you believe in justice let me be very clear: The next several months may be the most important in modern American history. Unfortunately, we are confronting a very difficult and complicated political situation. Earlier, the Wall Street Journal released a poll showing Donlad Trump leading in almost every swing state. He leads by 5 in Arizona, 3 in Michigan, 4 in Nevada, 3 in Pennsylvania, and is tied in Wisconsin. If Mr. Trump wins even two of those states, he will win the election.

It’s surprising to imagine that someone who was so unpopular with a majority of the population could be popular enough with them to win a second term — especially when most lived through his first. I wonder how it will be policy-wise if he is re-elected. Take one issue for example: Climate change. Trump does not appear to believe in climate change. That means that not only all of the work we have done in trying to transform our energy systems away from fossil fuel will be undone, but every other country in the world is going to say “Hey if the second largest emitter in the world is giving up, than we’re not going to do it either.” And that really means dooming our kids and future generations to a very, very unhealthy, perhaps uninhabitable world.

But obviously the danger is much greater than just climate change. Take another issue for example: American democracy. That means that if he wins, you can expect more  gerrymandering, more laws and regulations making it easier for people of means to influence elections, more efforts to keep people of color and young people from the ballot box, more election workers being harassed and threatened, more refusing to accept the outcome of election results, possibly more political violence and, more people increasingly believing democracy itself does not work for them. Trump has already tried to take away health care from tens of millions of people. He says he’ll try again in the second term. Trump signed tax cuts where almost all the benefits went to the top 1 percent. He wants to make them permanent in a second term.
Trump appointed 3 justices to the Supreme Court who helped repeal Roe v. Wade. His supporters have escalated their attacks on women’s rights across the country. In a second term he has suggested a national abortion ban. Other issues like education, gun control, criminal justice reform, income and wealth inequality, the cost of prescription drugs, workers’ rights, and LGBTQ rights may all be jeopardized. This current painful moment could become unbelievably severe for more of us.

So, what are we to do in this election? First, we must all acknowledge that sitting out this election or even voting for Mr. Trump is definitely not the answer. That leads to catastrophe. In this unprecedented moment in American history, we must make clear that we cannot return to the same old establishment politics. We must make it clear that whoever wins the Presidency, it does not benefit us as a nation when a majority of Americans live in economic desperation. We must go further on climate change. And we must restore faith in American democracy.