He is just a guy … a guy from Queens … a bad guy



TOP OF THE TOWN­ – Michael Steele was pissed. I have watched the former chair of the Republican National Party for several years as an expert panelist on cable news and he always seemed to dance around difficult positions. He was good, but not good enough for me. We are at a turning point in our country where we have to choose between good and bad, between democracy and autocracy. It’s an easy choice for me, I desire freedom. Millions of others are blinded by the fraud that is Donald Trump and choose limited or no freedoms. They don’t know it yet, but that is what they will get if they help elect Trump, a fascist in love with money, power and fellow fascists like Putin and Orban. Trump cares less about you. You don’t know that yet, but if elected you will find out soon enough. What is interesting is Trump is being treated like you or me in the Manhattan Hush Payment case. He has to be in court every day in this criminal case. If it was me or you are being charged, we would be required to be in court every day, too. For once, Trump is being treated as a regular guy. Being an ex-President and supposedly having a ton of money does him no good. For one of the few times in his life – maybe the only time ­– he is being restricted and held accountable. He is also under a gag order that if he violates could be fined or jailed ‑ or both. This is why Steele finally awoke from his conservative ways and was fired up April 16 and blurted out the headline on this column. Finally. I sighed with relief.